PTO Shafts & Spares

Reliance stocks the most comprehensive range of both premium and economy range PTO Shafts and spares in Ireland.

Reliance exclusively represents market leading brands such as Eurocardan, Precise, BARE-Co, La Magdalena, GMB and Meccanoplast.

Reliance now offers a complete PTO service where we have the capacity to ‘Build to Order’. Reliance has trained technicians qualified to use a patented Eurocardan multifunction drive bench (BCM) and can assemble PTO shafts quickly from the vast range of components held in stock. This allows flexibility to supply PTO shafts with various connections and safety devices that traditionally were only available from a manufacturer.

Bare-Co PTO shafts & Covers

Eurocardan Shafts

Precise Shafts

In addition, Reliance holds the most extensive stock of PTO Spares such as GMB Universal Joints, end yokes, slip clutches etc.

Special construction PTO shafts can also be sourced from one of our many PTO manufacturing partners.

Call Reliance today and speak to a member of our experienced team about your PTO requirements.

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