Reliance  is Ireland’s leading authorised technical distributor of mechanical, automation and electrical engineering components. Reliance is a 4th generation Irish owned family business that exclusively represents many global leading brands.  As a valued partner to our customer base, our aim is to continually learn about and introduce beneficial new products and technologies to enable our customers maintain competitiveness in their market place.

 Where it all started…

Reliance circa 1932

Reliance circa 1930

Horace Rhodes Kenworthy began working life as a gear cutter in the Dagenham Ford factory, England. In 1920 Horace was asked to manage the gear cutting workshop in the newly opened Ford factory in Cork, Ireland. Horace agreed to take on the new challenge and soon after left his young family in the UK and travelled to Ireland. It soon became apparent to Horace that the Irish economy was less developed than the UK and it was this realisation that motivated Horace to start a new business.

In 1922 Horace Rhodes-Kenworthy bravely decided to operate as a sole trader selling automotive spare parts from the back of his Model T truck. It didn’t take long for business to flourish and in 1925 the business was registered as The Reliance Bearing and Gear Co. Ltd. Horace’s two sons, George and Horace became actively involved in the running of the business. The two brothers complemented each other’s skill sets and proved to be a dynamic team successfully navigating Reliance through both turbulent and buoyant times. Over 95 years later the Kenworthy family continue to lead Reliance forward while holding on to the special core values that are so unique to the Company.

Reliance Today


Peter Creighton, Managing Director, Reliance Cork

Reliance operates 3 strategically located branches within Ireland representing a combined 40,000 sq ft of warehousing. The business boasts the most comprehensive range of mechanical, electrical and agricultural maintenance spares and operate a next day delivery to anywhere within the island of Ireland. The Reliance sales team consists of 7 external technical sales engineers and 12 internal customer service team representatives. Collectively the staff of Reliance represents over 1000 years experience ensuring the very best technical know how is consistently delivered.

The Reliance customer base spans multi-generational family owned companies to multi site market leading international businesses. Reliance is proactive across all sectors involving mechanical movement such as food, pharmaceutical, bio-medical, transport, renewables, agriculture and facilities to mention a few.

In addition to specializing in our traditional core product ranges such as bearings and power transmission products, Reliance is also recognized as a lead solutions provider to manufacturing. Our manufacturing customer base benefit from advanced application engineering experience and achieve significant energy cost savings through various technologies Reliance represents. Reliance is a leading provider of electro mechanical spares and automation solutions to modern manufacturing sectors.

Our Goal…

Reliance strives to provide superior technical expertise while ensuring excellent value and a high level of service is consistently delivered.

“Working together to be your partner for the future”