Doreen Wadsworth Wins The 2014 BARE-Co Challenge!

At the 2014 Ploughing Championships Doreen was the fastest person to unclip a BARE-Co PTO Guard from a PTO shaft and reassemble it again. Doreen completed the task in just under 16 seconds as she beat stiff competition from hundreds of farmers at the 2014 Ploughing Champs in Athy. Doreen demonstrated to all farmers just how easy it is to conduct PTO maintenance with BARE-Co PTO Guards while at the same time ensuring maximum safety is maintained. Traditionally Farmettes may have been discouraged from conducting the ever necessary PTO Maintenance however Doreen has shown this should not be the case with BARE-Co PTO Guards.

Well Done Doreen from everyone at BARE-Co and Best of Luck for the 2015 Challenge!