As a distributor of Molykote in Ireland, we supply the most complete range of Molykote High
Performance Industrial Lubricants.

Molykote High Performance Lubricants from Dow Corning help reduce friction and wear,
extend lubrication time and reduce maintenance and replacement costs in applications that would
defeat conventional oils and greases. Formulated to withstand the rigors of heavy loads, dirty, dusty
or chemically harsh environments, temperature and speed extremes, Molykote lubricants are also
ideal for normal service lubrication.

• Bearing Greases
• Thread Pastes
• Chain Lubrication
• Cleaners & Protecting Agents
• Assembly Pastes
• Anti-Stick & General Purpose Lubricants
• Silicones
• Semi & Synthetic Greases
• Silicone Compounds
• Food and Non-Food Approved
• Gear Compression
• Hydraulic Oils
• Dry Film Lubricants