Reliance is an authorised distributor of Permabond. Permabond is a leading manufacturer of engineering adhesives, supplying high-quality industrial adhesives to customers worldwide.

Adhesives can be used to replace welding, brazing, riveting or mechanical fastenings – this makes production processes a lot easier and cost-effective. Bonding with adhesives can also improve the component appearance and performance (better stress distribution and no damage to the equipment).  Permabond Engineering adhesives

Anaerobic Adhesives and Sealants Permabond-group-sealants

Permabond Anaerobic Adhesives & Sealants for Threadlocking, Pipe sealing, Gasketing and Retaining

Uses: threadlocking, threadsealing (or pipesealing), form-in-place gasketing, retaining, bearing fit, bullet sealing, sealing weld porosities.

Cure mechanism: single part, cures in the presence of metal / absence of oxygen. More

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives permabond-group-2

Cyanocrylate adhesives are ideal for hard to bond materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, PTFE and other polyolefins. Cyanoacrylates are also good for bonding materials such as metal, rubber, composite, phenolic, silicone and many more substrates.

Uses: bonding rubber, plastic, metals and wood. Ideal for small assemblies / fast moving production lines.

Cure mechanism: single part, moisture cure.  More

Two-Part Epoxiespermabond-3

Permabond 2-part epoxy adhesives are suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials. They are available with a range of different cure speeds to suit, Permabond epoxies have been developed to offer a high standard of performance for demanding bonding applications.

Uses: structural bonding, potting, coating, encapsulation. 

Cure mechanism: Two-part epoxy products require resin and hardener to be mixed. Can be cured at ambient or heated for a faster cure. More 

Single-Part Epoxiessingle-part-exposies

Permabond epoxies have been developed to offer a high standard of performance for demanding bonding applications

Uses: structural bonding, potting, coating, encapsulation.

Cure mechanism: Single part epoxies require a high temperature heat cure (e.g. oven). More

Structural Acrylic


Permabond’s line of structural acrylics was developed for demanding applications that require high tensile, shear and peel strength as well as maximum shock and impact resistance.

Uses: structural bonding of metals, composites, plastics, glass, magnets and ferrites.

Cure mechanism: No-mix adhesive with intiator, bead-on-bead resin & hardener, 2-part pre-mix with nozzles and single-part products available.  More


UV light Adhesives UV-Adhesives

Permabond UV Light Curable Adhesives are single part, solvent-free, cure on demand adhesives suitable for a wide range of applications.

Uses: bonding glass or plastic to itself or other substrates e.g. metal. Produces a clear, transparent, non-yellowing finish.

Cure mechanism: Single-part, cures rapidly on exposure to UV light. Some products can be cured by visible light. Dual cure products also available (anaerobic-UV or moisture cure-UV).  More

Flexible Adhesives permabond-flexible

Permabond manufactures several types of flexible adhesives to meet the growing demands of industrial engineers. Modified Epoxy and MS Polymer-based adhesive offer a high level of flexibility and each provides unique benefits.

Uses: bonding, potting, encapsulating.

Cure mechanism: Single component moisture cure and two component products available. More


Polyurethane Adhesives poly-adhesivges

Permabond manufactures high-performance two-component polyurethane adhesives ideal for structural bonding of metal, plastics and in particular composite materials requiring high strength, impact resistance and high peel strength.

Uses: bonding, potting, encapsulating.

Cure mechanism: Two component resin and hardener.