Bearing Bushes

Plain bearings  are available as radial bearings, axial bearings, strips, cups and in many other designs. They run quietly and are particularly suitable where high loads must be supported under relatively slow rotary and swivel motion and at low and high temperatures. Due to their versatile specific characteristics, they are therefore used in almost all areas of industry and especially where the space available for the bearing arrangement is very limited.

Bushes are commonly Sintered or Wrapped.  Wrapped bushes are available in a range of metal bushings, washers and plates with a polymer coating to the operating surface, and dry plain bearings which include PTFE (Teflon), graphite/metal and ceramic materials.  Oil impregnated sintered bearings are available as plain and flanged bushes, washers or bars.



Metal-polymer composite plain bearings Metal-polymer composite plain bearings

  • e.g. in tie rods of tractor axles, lever systems, door hinges, kingpins of self-propelled harvesting machines
  • Wear-resistant
  • Constant low friction values throughout the whole operating period
  • Low maintenance or maintenance-free
  • An economical alternative for applications with a very small design envelope and a comparatively high sliding speed
ELGOTEX® wound bushes

ELGOTEX® wound bushes

  • Extremely robust and maintenance-free
  • Suitable for very high static loads
  • Lighter than bronze bushes used in similar applications
  • Very good damping behavior
  • Low wear with a constant friction value (dry lubrication)
  • Insensitive to shocks and edge pressure
  • Can be supplied with an integrated seal
  • Short delivery times
  • Can be easily matched to available design envelopes
ELGOGLIDE® high-performance plain bushes

ELGOGLIDE® high-performance plain bushes

  • Maintenance-free
  • Solid or rolled
  • Extremely high load carrying capacity within a small design envelope
  • Can be supplied with an integrated seal
  • Dry lubrication
  • Steel support body is available with an additional coating offering corrosion protection.
  • Good damping behavior

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