Belts and Pulleys

Reliance is the exclusive distributor for Optibelt in Ireland and holds a substantial range of belts and pulleys stock in our 3 warehouses.
Optibelt is the World’s number one power transmission belt and is the preferred choice for industry.  Optibelt technology ensures reduced vibration, extended maintenance intervals and increased belt life that allows unrestricted use in matched sets.  Optibelt Redpower 3 V belts can achieve 50% higher power ratings and are maintenance free.

Optibelt V-Belts

High Performance V-Belts More details: Optibelt RED POWER 3 S=C PLUS

High performance wedge belts DIN/ISO/BS More details: Optibelt SK S=C PLUS

Classical V-belts, DIN 221  More details: Optibelt VB S=C PLUS

V-belts – raw edge, moulded cogged More details: Optibelt SUPER X-POWER M=S

Variable speed belts – raw edge, moulded cogged More details: Optibelt VARIO POWER


Multi-Band Belts

High performance kraftbands – wrapped More details: Optibelt KB RED POWER 3

Kraftbands with wedge V-belts More details: Optibelt KB SK

Kraftbands with classical V-belts More details: Optibelt KB VB

High power kraftbands – raw edge More details: Optibelt SUPER KBX-POWER



Rubber Timing Belts

High power timing belts for high torques More details: Optiblet Omega HL

Timing belts for fan drives for HTD- or RPP pulleys More details: Optibelt Omega Fan Power

Timing belts – powerful and versatile for HTD- and RPP pulleys More details: Optibelt Omega Double sided

Timing belts for extreme conditions and high demands More details: Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon



Polyurethane Timing Belts

High performance, endless timing belts made of cast polyurethane More details: Optibelt ALPHA POWER

Timing belt – endless, cast polyurethane More details: Optibelt ALPHA TORQUE

Timing belts – endless, extruded polyurethane More details: Optibelt ALPHA FLEX

Timing belts for the Food Industry More details: Optibelt ALPHA LINEAR – for applications in the food industry


Ribbed Belts

ribbedRibbed belts More details: Optibelt RB

Elastic ribbed belts More details: Optibelt RB Elastic

Special ribbed belts More details: Optibelt Omega RB

Polyurethane ribbed belts More details: Optibelt RB2




Taper Bushings More details: Optibelt Taper Bushing

V-Grooved Pulleys More details: Optibelt V-Grooved Pulleys

Timing Belt Pulleys More details: Optibelt Timing Belt Pulleys

Ribbed Belt Pulleys More details: Optibelt Ribbed Belt Pulleys

Special Pulleys More details: Optibelt Special Pulleys