Belt Drive Tensioning Products

Reliance stock a range of Optibelt belt drive tensioning products, the correct tensioning of a belt will achieve better and longer performance from your belt.

OPTIBELT TT Optical Frequency Meteropti120120

The Optibelt TT optical frequency tension tester uses vibration frequency as a means of measuring belt tension accurately. This innovative device accurately tests the tension of V-belts, kraftbands, ribbed belts, and timing belts  easily and quickly.

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Optikrik Tension Gauge optikirk

This tension gauge is ideal for the inspection of  kraftbands and ribbed belts.  The gauge is ideal in instances when technical data and the ideal tension level is unknown.

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Optibelt Frequency Meter TT Mini

The Optibelt Frequency Meter checks the tension of drive belts by measuring frequency.  The TT mini can be effortlessly used in difficult-to-reach places so that the tension values of V-Belts, ribbed belts and timing belts can be measured easily and quickly.

In addition to this, the TT mini offers further advantages: mini-tt

  • Hertz [Hz]display
  • large measuring range from 10 Hz – 600 Hz
  • simple and repeat measurement accuracy
  • small, manageable appliance
  • automatic switch-off function
  • exact plant calibration and CE approval

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Optibelt Laser Pointer II

The Optibelt laser pointer II simplifies the alignment of belt drives.  The laser pointer II is simple to handle and can be fastened in a matter of seconds.  Watch video here


  • Quick and simple to use with belt drives Opti-laser
  • Measurement of parallel and angular misalignment
  • High level of operational safety
  • Time-saving and accurate measurement methods
  • Supplied in a practical service box: Small – practical handling
  • Includes accessories (target magnets, distance discs, batteries)

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Optibelt Measuring Gauge measuring-guage2

Measuring gauge for measurement of the inner length. Measurement range: 500-2500 mm

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V-Belt and Pulley Groove Gauges pulley-guage

Valuable help for the measurement of V-belt and pulley groove sections.

V-belt and pulley groove gauges