Agricultural Belts & Pulleys

Optibelt Timing Belts

Reliance is the exclusive distributor for Optibelt timing belts in Ireland and Reliance carry a substantial range of Optibelt stock in our three locations.

Optibelt agricultural belts is the belt of choice by most Original Equipment Manufacturers of agricultural machinery such as John Deere, Claas, Krone, Pottinger and Fendt.

Agricultural machines have developed tremendously in the past decades becoming larger, quicker and more demanding.  Innovative and powerful machines that go to the limits of what is feasible, only function with drive belts that can keep up with their pace. At time of manufacture Optibelt is the brand of belt fitted by nearly all agricultural OEMS. The reason is Optibelt is commonly viewed as being the best quality agricultural belt in the available in the market place.

The Optibelt Agro Power range is impressive due its durability, great ability to run smoothly, efficient power transmission and environmental friendliness. Agro Power is Optibelt’s range of  belts manufactured specifically for combine harvesters, the range available covers most machines in use today.

Reliance also stocks a comprehensive range of Optibelt drive belts, fan belts and pulleys as well as special application belts.

Optibelt V-Belts

Variable speed belts – raw edge, moulded cogged. Click here for more details on  Optibelt AGRO POWER BKR  agro-bkr

High capacity wedge belts.  Click here for more details on  Optibelt AGRO POWER SK

Classical V-belts.  Click here for more details on Optibelt AGRO POWER VB

High performance wedge belts DIN/ISO/BS.  Click here for more details on Optibelt SK S=C Plus  opti-classic

Raw edge moulded cogged.  Click here for more details on  Optibelt MARATHON 1/ MARATHON X


Optibelt Kraftbandsagro-bkr

Optibelt Kraftbands.  Click here for more details on  Optibelt AGRO POWER KB

Optibelt Ribbed Beltsagro-ribbed

Optibelt Ribbed belts.  Click here for more details on  Optibelt AGRO POWER RB



KML Poly Vee Belts.  Click here to more details on  KML Tractor Poly Vee Belts


Dunlop Belts and Pulleys

Reliance is the main Irish distribution partner for Dunlop BTL Power Transmission Products.Dunlop-link-belt  Dunlop timing belts offer high efficiency, high misalignment tolerance, economical and virtually maintenance free, therefore, can be used to drive and control moving component parts in agricultural applications.

V-link belting has low vibration and noise output, the link structure can dampen vibration caused by unbalanced pulleys or bearings. They are more durable than standard V-belts and are easier to install and remove, especially when used on heavy agricultural plant and equipment.

V-belt pulleys are available with either a pilot or taper bore, the latter designed for use with pre-machined taper bushes that are finished with the required bore and keyway size.Dunlop-V-pulley

Dunlop V-link Belting  Click here for more details

Dunlop V & Wedge Belts Click here for more details

Dunlop pulleys are available as standard, protective & specials.  Catalogues can be downloaded from the download section at the right of this page.