Reliance is the authorised distributor for Bondioli & Pavesi  in Ireland.  Bondioli & Pavesi is a World leader in the production of PTO shafts and gearboxes for agricultural applications.


Bondioli & Pavesi PTO Shafts

SFT series PTO shafts are designed to provide maximum resistance and optimal telescoping within the space available between the yoke ears. These PTO shafts are suitable for machinery with high torques.BONDIOLI & PAVESI SFT PTO SHAFT

SFT series PTO shafts are to simplify & reduce maintenance time, with achievable lubrication intervals of up to 50 hours.

Global drive shafts are designed to meet users’ needs: reliability, light weight (with same performance), easy installation and simplified, long-lasting lubrication.  Global series PTO shafts are compact in size but offer high performance.

Reliance offer a range of SFT & Global series PTO shafts, many special application PTO shafts can be manufactured to order.   Talk to us today about your Bondioli PTO requirements.

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Bondioli & Pavesi Spare Parts

Engineered to the highest specifications  Bondioli & Pavesi PTO accessories are durable,  designed to simplify maintenance & extend the working life of heavy machinery.

Four-Tooth profile tubes are designed to provide maximum resistance and optimal telescoping within the space available between the yoke ears. Free Rotation tubes allow the ends of the driveline to rotate with respect to each other up to 60°, thereby facilitating the alignment of the splined yokes to the PTO.

Splined telescoping members can satisfy the requirements of applications with high torques, frequent sliding under load and extensions longer than those permitted by telescoping tubes.

Call Reliance today for your Bondioli spare parts requirements!

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Bondioli & Pavesi Gearboxes

Reliance offer a range of multi-functional agricultural gearboxes.  Special application gearboxes can be sourced at short lead times.

Multi-function gearboxes


S1000 Gearbox

Bondioli & Pavesi multi-function gearboxes are suitable for many applications including rotary mowers, rotary tillers

S1000 –  up to 26 kW at 1000 min-1   S1000 Technical Specifications

S2000 –  up to 331 kW at 1000 min-1 S2000 Technical Specifications

S3000 –  up to 216 kW at 1000 min-1 S3000 Technical Specifications

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Bondioli & Pavesi Parallel Shaft Gearboxes are designed for feed processing and handling machinery.

Power up to 213 kW at 1000 min-1  Technical Specifications

Parallel Shaft Gearboxes

Splitter Gearboxes

Power up to 184 kW at 1000 min-1

Technical Specification

Flail Mowers and Stalk Shredders

Technical Specification