Condition Monitoring

Unscheduled downtime puts a dent in your productivity, operating results and costs. Specialising in condition monitoring systems and services to industry, Reliance offers cost effective solutions and services to eliminate the risk of costly, unplanned shutdowns.

Pneumatic leak testing.

Significant energy savings can be achieved by using ultrasonic detection to locate leaks in compressed air, nitrogen and other pipe lines.



Belt tensioning.Belt Tensioning

Ensuring the correct tensioning of a belt will achieve better and longer performance from your belt.  Reliance stock a range of Optibelt belt drive tensioning products.

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In-place balancing.

In-place balancing of rotating equipment reduces bearing load and increases machine life.  If your machines are properly aligned and balanced the likelihood of a failure is greatly reduced.



Shaft laser alignment.

Rotating machines are prone to misalignment. Correctly aligned and regularly controlled machines significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs.

Laser measuring devices use unique state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum precision and user-friendly alignment of shafts.  Reliance offer a suite of laser alignment products and can organise on-site training to our customers.


Detect safety hazards before they turn into serious downtime issue!


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Predictive Maintenance

is the leading firm in Ireland providing a full suite of Condition Monitoring related technical services to Reliance customers.  Contact us today if you require any of the following services.Predictive-Maintenance

  • Vibration analysis
  • In-Line Balancing
  • Laser Alignment
  • Thermography
  • Air Leak Testing
  • Training


Reliance is a Pruftechnik distributor for Ireland.  Pruftechnik conditioning monitoring products deliver;vibxpert

  • Easier or more accurate
  • Reduce the rate of machine failure
  • Reduce downtime
  • Decrease interruptions to production,
  • Delivers smoother production process
  • Improved system availability and productivity



Working in partnership with Fag Industrial Services Reliance can provide a comprehensive range of on-line and off-line condition monitoring systems, and FAG-KIT-3maintenance products to meet the exacting requirements of our customers industries.  The range includes devices for the alignment of shafts and belt pulleys, temperature measuring and sonar devices. An important element of the range comprises measuring systems that monitor vibration, torque and lubricants.
FAG SmartCheck
The FAG SmartQB is an easy way for anyone to get started in the world of Condition Monitoring. A real innovation in the Condition Monitoring market is the plain text messages on the 7 inch display, automatically generated from the vibration data.

The Condition Monitoring system can detect a total of 5 defect causes and output these on the display:

  • Bearing damage
  • Unbalance
  • Friction/cavitation
  • Increases in temperature
  • Significant changes in the vibration patterns
    Learn more about FAG SmartCheck here


In partnership with Fuchs Lubricants Reliance can design a tailor-made, condition monitoring programme for your plant and equipment.  Reliance offers a range of lubricant condition monitoring test kits ex stock.
The Fuchs CENT condition monitoring service is a state-of-the-art production management tool that indicates wear trends, additive levelsfuchs-lab and sources of contamination.  Our Engineers will recommend sampling points, methods and frequencies. Information on your plant and equipment will be programmed for analysis. Clear and precise feedback is given to the customer in a regular, accurate, detailed report that highlights status indicators in graphical trend format.