Big Wipes

Reliance is an official distributor of BIG WIPES™.   BIG WIPES™ is the market leading industrial antibacterial wipe that removes paint, varnishes, sealants, adhesives, oil, grease and PU foam from hands, tools and surfaces.




Fuchs has designed cleanifuchs-aerong products that perform well at low temperatures to further promote green savings.  The product line ranges from highly caustic based cleaners suitable for use in electro-cleaning applications to aqueous replacements for solvent cleaners.  Fuchs Aqueous cleaners are water based, instead of dissolving grease, like solvent cleaners, aqueous cleaners rely on heat, agitation and additives to break down the contaminants and wash them from the surface of components.  Due to the water content, aqueous systems can be relatively low-cost in use, result in minimal hazard waste, contain no ozone depleting properties and offer better operator acceptability.




Ambersil specalise in developing maintenance and protection products to meet the most exacting standards of industry.  Reliance stock an extensive range of Ambersil aerosol products from general maintenace paints and lubricants to heavy duty de-greasers and cleaners.



Finoil manufacture lubricant and mainteanace products for a wide range of industries including, Automotive, Commercial, Agriculture, Construction, Marine, Motorcycle, Industrial and Food manufacturing.