Conveying Solutions

Reliance offer a range of conveying solutions from Rexnord.  This range of conveying solutions is designed to increase uptime, reduce damage to customer products, save time, improve hygiene and sanitation, and reduce noise.

The rexnord range of coneying components are built to withstand common issues like belt degradation, abrasive wear, and belt damage caused by high heat and cleaning procedures.

Food grade conveying belts

Conveying Solutions

Plastic modular belting to satisfy the cleaning, maintenance and product output requirements found in food processing applications.

  • Cleans Easily: Range of openness at the hinge.  Rod easily accessed for effective cleaning
  • Mitigates Product Contamination: Reinforced belt edges.  Secure rod retention designs
  • Decreases Downtime: Designed for efficient assembly and maintenance
  • Reduces Product Damage & Loss: Smooth product transfer capability.  Optimized sprockets securely engage belt

Metal Conveying belts

Rexnord manufacture precision-engineered belts, for more details on Rexnord belts click here


Conveying Components

Rexnord are an industry leading provider of tracking components ensuring smooth operation of your conveying products.

Sprockets – available in metal (stainless steel or cast iron) and thermoplastic (molded mat top or machined mat top).  Click here for product details

Conveyor parts – We have you covered should you need chain guide, product handling, frame support, or balancing and supporting components, we have the parts to optimize your conveyor system  view products here

Idlers – Rexnord idlers deliver durability and high performance in the most abrasive material handling applications. From impact to return idlers and everything in between View products here