Shaft Couplings

Reliance offers a wide range of shaft couplings from world leading manufacturers such as Thompson Coupling, Rexnord, NBK, ComInTec, Dunlop and Radicon.  

Reliance understands the importance of protecting critical production systems from the effects of damaging shock loads.  A correctly specified coupling can increase critical speed, reduce vibration and extend bearing life thus reducing on going maintenance costs.

Thompson Couplings

Thompson Couplings is an Australian designed and patented manufacturer of high quality, reliable and durable alignment eliminator couplings and constant velocity joints.

These require minimal or no maintenance and offer easy and quick installation, reduced downtime and operating costs, long running life and comes with a three year warranty.

  1. Maintenance free – sealed for life.
  2. No laser alignment.
  3. Wider deflection angles.
  4. Reduces vibration.
  5. Reduced operating and power costs


  • Absorbs vibration protecting both motor and driven shaft
  • Reduces downtime breakdowns operating temperatures and reduced power losses.
  • Relieves misalignment and premature wear caused by thermal expansion, vibration and soft footing.
  • Minimises the damaging forces that impact on bearings, seals and bodies through side load, overhung and axial load.
  • Easily incorporated in any design plan or operating drive system, or retro fitted as part of a replacement or upgrade.
  • Can be offered as ATEX certified for use in Hazardous areas


  • Articulates up to 10 degrees angular misalignment, in combination with parallel misalignment.
  • Extends and compresses to accommodate movement between connected devices.

Rexnord Shaft Couplings

Rex Omega Couplings

  • A Highly Flexible ‘Tyre Type’ Elastomeric Coupling with good vibration dampening capability.Coupling
  • The range includes 15 sizes with torque ratings up to 38,400Nm.
  • Available in a number of variations. Standard and Spacer couplings with Pilot Bore and Taper bore (For Taperlock Bush) options.
  • The coupling allow for a high degree of parallel and angular misalignment.
  • Can be offered as ATEX certified for use in Hazardous areas.

Rexnord offer a range of shaft couplings suited to many different types of applications. Their range is made up of Thomas Disc Type couplings ,Falk Geared,Grid,  Fluid and Wrapflex Couplings, Addax Composite couplings, Rexnord Omega and Viva couplings. To see more on the range please click here


Radicon Shaft Couplings

Elflex Pin and Bush Couplings

The range includes 26 sizes with torque ratings up telflex-pin-bush-coupling-largeo 430,000Nm.

      • High Torque to weight ratio.
      • Scalloped barrel shaped bushes enhance vibration dampening capability and ensure uniform distribution of load even in cases of misalignment.
      • Low maintenance fail safe design.
      • Available in Pilot Bore and taperlock versions.
      • Brake Drum Version available

Elgin Gear Type Couplings

The range includes 20 sizes with torque ratings up to 1.1 Million Nm.High Torque to weight ratio.

    • 6 Variations available –
      • Single Engagement.
      • Double Engagement.
      • Spacer Type.
      • Vertical Type.
      • Fully Rigid.
      • Continuous Sleeve.
    • A Multi-crowned tooth profile is used to minimise backlash and improve tolerance to misalignment.

Nylicon Gear Type Coupling

  • elign-gear-coupling-large

The range includes 3 sizes with torque ratings up to 463Nm.

  • nylicon-gear-coupling
    • Maintenance free design.
    • Thermosetting plastic sleeves provide non conductive assemblies.
    • Available in Pilot Bore version only.
    •  Call one of our experience team today to discuss your coupling requirements.2068009105NBK-coupling1413173761