Reliance offers a wide range of shaft couplings from world leading manufacturers such as Thompson Coupling, Rexnord, NBK, Optibelt, ROTEX and Radicon.  

Reliance understands the importance of protecting critical production systems from the effects of damaging shock loads.  A correctly specified coupling can increase critical speed, reduce vibration and extend bearing life thus reducing on going maintenance costs.

Thompson Couplings

Thompson Couplings is an Australian designed and patented manufacturer of high quality, reliable and durable alignment eliminator couplings and constant velocity joints.

These require minimal or no maintenance and offer easy and quick installation, reduced downtime and operating costs, long running life and comes with a three year warranty.

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Rexnord offer a range of shaft couplings suited to many different types of applications. Their range is made up of many types including; disc, elastomeric, fluid, gear, grid, fluid, torsionally stiff & torsionally soft.

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Radicon flexible couplings have been proven to be some of the most reliable, durable and effective couplings in the marketplace.
This ensures the radicon flexible coupling range is capable of providing solutions for a wide and varied range of applications and installations.

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Optibelt couplings are as varied as the industries in which they are used.

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      • Reliance stock a range of NBK couplings to suit all types of servo & stepper motor applications.Types and features include;
        • Zero Backlash
        • High Gain
        • High Torque
        • High Rigidity
        • Vibration Absorption
        • Cleanroom

        2D & 3D models available

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