Dairy – Electric Motors and Drives

Traditionally Irish dairy parlours are orientated towards single phase electric motors, however efficiency of pumps and motors used in dairy parlours has been gradually improving over the years.

A change is now occurring where many dairy parlours are beginning to introduce 3 phase motors & Variable Speed Drives (VSD) to run the parlour. A VSD maintains the vacuum level by controlling vacuum pump speed.  If there is a demand for more capacity the VSD will increase the speed of the vacuum pump accordingly.  This results in reduced energy consumption by a parlour.

Invertek drives are also offered as part of our overall energy package dedicated to the dairy sector.  Click here for more information on Invertek drives.

Reliance is the leading distributor of Teco single phase electric motors for the Irish dairy sector.

TECO Motors

 Heavy Duty Cast Iron Housing Cap start / Cap run 1 Phase Motors – Ideally suited to the dairy industry.teco-dairy

  • Frame Sizes 71 to 112 –
    • 0.37kW to 3.0kW 2 Pole.
    • 0.35kW to 3.7kW 4 Pole.
  • Suitable for Most High Starting Torque Applications (Starting Torque 1.8 -2.5 Times full load torque)
  • Voltage: For 230V 1 Phase Supply.
  • Enclosure IP44 as standard.
  • Sealed bearings used on all frame sizes.
  • Thermal protection as standard up to 1.5kW
  • Note it is recommended that single phase motors are not started / stopped more than 15 Times per Hour to allow safe discharge of capacitors.

In addition Reliance also offer Brook Crompton & TEC motors in both 1ph & 3ph to the dairy sector.

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