Gear Boxes

Reliance offer a wide range of TEC Aluminium & Cast Iron housing right angle single reduction Worm gearboxes & Bevel Helical gearboxes

TEC gearboxes are interchangeable with many of the popular gearbox brand on the market.

FCNDK Series Worm Gearboxes with bores from 11mm -50mm.  Ratio’s from 5:1 to 100:1 as standard, larger ratio’s

WK Series Bevel Helical Gearboxes with Bores from 24mm up.  Ratio’s from 8:1 up.


Reliance is an authorised Distribution of Premium Stephan and carries a comprehensive range of components in stock allowing for a wide variety of Geared motors to be built at short notice (Within 1 hour if required). Premium Stephan use a unique style of motor adaptor giving a dry fit between motor and gearbox and allows use of a standard IEC motor.
Available as in-line helical gear, parallel shaft-mounted and helical-bevel gear models.  Read more


Reliance stock Hydro-Mec light duty Aluminium/ Stainless Steel housing gear boxes that are interchangeable with most well known Italian brands on the market.

FRD1 gb small pic