Fuchs Lubricants

Reliance is an authorised distributor for World leading manufacturers of industrial lubricants, such as Fuchs, FAG and Molykote.  Reliance specialise in a range of high performance lubricants offering substantial cost savings by providing reliability at all temperatures, lowered oil consumption and extended service intervals. Full training aimed at rationalisation of usage can be provided on request. Reliance stock a diverse range of lubricants

Compressor Oils

Lubrication has a significant influence on the behaviour of compressors and their reliability. It is therefore vital that the right lubricant is selected to ensure reliable, economical and safe operation.
Fuchs has developed a complete range of technically advanced, high performance compressor oils to offer you “best in class” lubricant technology for your asset. Mineral and synthetic variants are available for all types of compressors, most with approvals from leading OEM’s, to maintain maximum efficiency and protection.
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Corrosion Preventatives

Fuchs specialise in developing products for extreme tribological problems. Our corrosion preventatives have been developed to maintain optimal surface finish, minimise waste or product recalls and reduce overall costs.

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Fuchs CASSIDA was the first food grade lubricant range in the world to achieve ISO 21469 Certification (in May 2008) and as such set the standard for food safety.

ISO 21469 Certification, combined with NSF H1 Registration, offers the end user food manufacturer the assurance that they can get no safer food grade lubricant.

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Fuchs Cassida Application Guide


Gear oils

Fuchs high performance gear oils protect against wear, prolong gear life and help you obtain optimum gear performance. Read more…..



The performance of hydraulic systems has increased significantly, which is reflected in higher pressures, higher system temperatures and lower system volumes.

Hydraulic fluid developments are of enormous significance – optimum applications save energy, reduce maintenance intervals, reduce wear, increase machine life and thus enable worthwhile savings.  Fuchs commitment to R&D ensures we’re able to provide hydraulic fluids based on the latest technology.   Read more…

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Industrial Wash

Industrial wash fluids are an essential part of the manufacturing process. Depending on the complexity, it can be an expensive process, requiring heat, agitation and time.  The Fuchs Renoclean range of wash fluids has been developed to help reduce cycle times, reduce washing temperatures and improve operational efficiency.

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Fuchs have a wide range of aerosols including general maintenance and multi-purpose products.

Food Grade Maintenance:
The CASSIDA products are NSH registered as Class H1 for use where there is potential for incidental food contact.  Using a food grade maintenance spray provides you with peace of mind and reassurance when used in food, beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturing plants.  Cassida Dry Spray Brochure

General Maintenance:
Fuchs produce a multi purpose rust preventative, lubricant and de-watering aerosol.  The spray provides an ultra-thin anti-corrosion protective film.  It is ideal for cleaning and protecting most electrical equipment.  Other applications include the lubrication of small or inaccessible components such as locks or hinges, the loosening of rust scale before wire brushing, and as a damp-start for motor vehicles.

Fuchs Maxilube spray is a solvent based temporary protective with excellent water displacing characteristics and mild lubricating properties.  Can also be used as penetrating oil.  Maxilube is ideal for the inter-process protection of bright metal components which have been subject to water washing or been in contact with water soluble machining fluids.  It is also useful for electrical contacts, plugs, points etc., to expel any moisture and to deposit a damp-proofing film on the contacts

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Metal Working

Compared to other types of lubricants, metalworking fluids need extra care and attention to maintain their effectiveness.

FUCHS is one of the leading manufacturers of coolants and we are committed to developing and manufacturing innovative, high quality products that are safer to use, more ecologically acceptable and superior in their technical performance.  We also provide a range of services to customers including fluid monitoring and coolant management to assist users in getting the most from their lubricant. Read more…..

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Mould Oils

The Fuchs RENOCAST range includes a variety of specially designed mould release agents for concrete, block, roof tile and brick manufacture.

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Fuchs is a major supplier of refrigeration oils and food grade lubricants.  The longevity of refrigeration compressors is closely connected to the quality and performance of the refrigeration oils.  The interaction between the substances which the refrigeration oil comes into contact with, and especially the extremely high and low temperatures, makes very specific demands on refrigeration oils.

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Specialist Coatings

Solid Film Lubricants (SFL) and High Molecular Polymer (HMP) film lubricants are suitable for a multitude of materials, such as metals, plastics, and elastomers. After application on surfaces, solid film lubricants and HMP-film lubricants enable a reliable, clean and dry lubrication, in particular wherever greases and oils are not suitable or not practicable.

the Fuchs range of gleitmo solid film lubricants support the running-in of highly loaded machine elements, protect against surface damages, facilitate the assembly of O-rings, make screw and nuts run smoothly and can enable lifetime lubrication in automotive applications. Depending on their field of application, they can provide corrosion protection, act as a non-stick coating and help with noise reduction.

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Wire Rope Lubricants

Fuchs lubricants produce lubricants for stranding and closing operations in many applications such as Elevators, Surface Mining, Mining, Drilling, Fishing, GP-Engineering, Construction, Cranes and Offshore.

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Tube and Wire Drawing Lubricants

Wire and Tube Drawing lubricants are developed with the emphasis on providing innovative technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of the production process.  Read more….

Turbine Oil

The use of new technologies in power stations and the increasing efficiency and performance of gas and steam turbines is placing greater demands on the performance of the lubricants used in these applications.

FUCHS has developed the RENOLIN ETERNA series to meet the demands of such machinery as well as highly-stressed gearboxes.

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