Invertek new Optidrive E3 General Purpose Inverters are a perfect combination of high performance and ease of use for all Motor types.

Reliance now offer a control system service, which allows Inverters to be mounted into enclosures for additional safety and control.
• Built in Category 1 EMC Filter.
• Intuitive Keypad.
• Application Macros – switch between Industrial, Fan & Pump Mode.
• Sensorless Vector Control for Induction Motors, AC Permanent Magnet Motors, Brushless DC Motors and Synchronous Reluctance Motors.
• Dual Analogue inputs.
• Internal Brake Chopper as standard.
• Available in IP20 up to 22kW and IP66 up to 7.5kW.
Dedicated HVAC and P2 Systems Inverters are also available suitable for a wide range of motor powers


p2-mid eco-mid