LanoProtect will penetrate, seal, protect, displace, clean and is non conductive to 70kV ensuring electrics are protected against moisture damage.

Multi-purpose maintenance!

  • Eco- Friendly: All LanoProtect Products are non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly ensuring the world we live in is protected.
  • Natural Lubrication: Superior natural lubrication
  • Corrosion Protection: Protect all metal surfaces from corrosion
  • Versatile: Protects leather, vinyl, electrics, rubber, timber, canvas and more…

LanoProtect 400ml Aerosol

LanoProtect liquid lanolin packaged in an easy to use 400ml aerosol can, allowing you to get right into those tight areas such as locks and hinges that always prove difficult to lubricate and protect.

The LanoProtect aerosol can contains lanolin grease and a specifically formulated solvent carrier, this carrier enhances water dispersing and penetrating properties of protect whilst allowing the grease to remain suspended ensuring an evenly dispersed film of lanolin.

LanoProtect Liquid Lanolin

A sprayable form of LanoProtect Lanolin Grease, which leaves a non‐drying liquid film that does not evaporate or wash off.

The film left by LanoProtect is your protection barrier against oxidation and corrosion and with the films resistance to acidic and alkaline solutions you can count on LanoProtect to do exactly that.

LanoProtect is also a superb general purpose lubricant and penetrant as well as operating as a water dispersant you will not be able to find a product that provides such a large range of properties for a multitude of applications whether that is for metal, timber, rubber, plastic, vinyl, canvas or leather.

LanoProtect Lanolin Grease

LanoProtect Grease is a thick tacky environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non toxic grease with high load and excellent coefficient of friction capabilities that will not wash out under most conditions, from underwater to general usage.

LanoProtect Grease will provide excellent results as an anti-corrosive, thread anti-seize and general lubricant.

LanoProtect Grease is also used where heavier protection / rejuvenation is required, just simply melt grease (if required) and apply with a paintbrush or roller to achieve the famous LanoProtect long term protection without all those nasty toxic chemicals widely used in today’s industries that are harmful to user and our precious environment.