LanoProtect is an eco friendly natural lubricant that will protect farm machinery from corrosion and will protect electrics from moisture damage.  All lubricants in the range are 100% bio-degradable, non- toxic and environmentally friendly.

LanoProtect is ideal for lubricating chains and for general maintenance of agricultural machinery.  LanoProtect grease is a thick tacky environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non toxic grease with high load and excellent coefficient of friction capabilities that will not wash out under most conditions, from underwater to general usage. LanoProtect will provide excellent results as an anti-corrosive, thread anti-seize and general lubricant and is suitable for multiple agricultural applications.

LanoProtect is a very versatile eco friendly natural lubricant and protectant that will not evaporate.

Please note: Not recommended on a high speed bearings without a seal containment.