Linear Belting

Reliance is an authorised distributor of Optibelt standard and special belt products.  Optibelt is the world leading manufacturer of industrial linear belting technology offering superior quality, best in class technology/materials, shorter lead times and value for money.

All types of linear belting are available with a wide range of backings.  Truly endless or joined options are also available.  Conveyor belts are available either ex-stock, special procurement made to order or tracked type.

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Timing belts – endless, extruded polyurethane Optibelt ALPHA FLEX

Timing belts – open-ended, extruded polyurethane  Optibelt ALPHA LINEAR

Timing belts – endless, welded polyurethane  Optibelt ALPHA Valpha-special

Polyurethane belts with mechanical belt joints  Optibelt ALPHA LINEAR SPECIAL

Pin join timing belts  Optibelt ALPHA PIN JOIN

Polyurethane track timing belts  Optibelt ALPHA TRACK TIMING BELTSalpha-track

Timing belt – endless casting, with cams and coatings Optibelt ALPHA SRP

Timing belts for extreme conditions and high demands Optibelt Delta Chain Carbon

Other Linear Belting

Round section belts made of thermoplastic polyurethane Optibelt RR / RR PLUSother-KK
Polyurethane V-Belts Optibelt KK
Open-ended V-belting, punched – DIN 2216 Optibelt OPTIMAT