Industrial Lubricants

Reliance specialise in a range of high performance industrial lubricants offering substantial cost savings by providing reliability at all temperatures, lowered oil consumption and extended service intervals. Full training aimed at rationalisation of usage can be provided on request. Reliance stock a diverse range of lubricants including;

  • Food grade
  • Hydraulic
  • Marine
  • Compressor
  • Maintenance
  • Gears
  • Greases

Fuchs Lubricants

Reliance is an authorised distributor of Fuchs lubricants ranging from CassidaFood grade Lubricants to Renolit EPX2 – the number one lubricant in the Irish Milling Industry.

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Slot GreaseSlot-Grease-2

Slot Grease automatic lubricators display grease consumption and are easily refillable. Slot grease has immediate activation and no battery or gas is required for power.

The unit can be installed indoors, outdoors, remotely, inversely, under water, dangerous/atex points.

Slot grease keeps lubrication constant and prevents solid matter accumulation. Slot grease helps avoid unscheduled production stops, are fully recyclable, easy to mount and are environmentally friendly.

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Lantos Lanolin Coatings

Lantos Coatings products are manufactured using naturally refined lanolins, refined lanolin esters and refined lanolin oils that are highly resistant to salt, acid, and alkali’s. They are Environmentally Safe,  providing technically innovative Nano-fluid films that will penetrate, lubricate, preserve, seal, protect and prevent corrosion.  They act as a natural anti-seize moisture barrier and corrosive inhibitor.

Learn more about the Reliance range of Lantos Products and Industry specific products  in the link below

 Lantos Coatings


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