NB Linear is a recognised global leading manufacturer of linear motion products.

Reliance offers a comprehensive range of NB Linear products including Slide Guides, Ball Splines, Slide Bush, Top Ball, Stroke Bush, Slide Rotary Bush, Spindle Shaft, SlideWay, Actuator and Slide Screw.

NB Linear systems achieve smooth movement and precise motion response in terms of positioning accuracy by the rolling elements and precision-ground raceway surface, resulting in a high load capacity and long travel life.

In addition NB Linear offers excellent value and certain ranges are directly interchangeable with many other well recognised linear brands such as THK.

The NB SLIDE GUIDE NB-SLIDEis a high-precision and high-rigidity linear guide designed to utilise the motion of rolling elements. They have numerous advantageous characteristics including low friction, no stick/slip, and smooth linear motion even under high load conditions.

The NB ACTUATOR is a compact single axis linear actuator which integrates a slide guide and precision ball screw. BG type offers compact dimensions and outperforms conventional positioning tables. This is made possible by a unique “U” shaped guide rail and slide block which provides multiple functions of a guide block and a ball screw nut combined into a single unit. These can also be supplied with matching servo packs.

The NB SLIDE BUSH is a Linear Ball Bushing with the mechanism utilising the re-circulating motion of ball elements. This consists of the outer cylinder and a ball retainer that guide the circulation of the ball elements, resulting in smooth linear motion.

The NB BALL SPLINE is a linear motion mechanism utilising the recirculating motion of ball elements. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including robotics and transport type equipment.NB

The NB ROTARY BALL SPLINE can be used for both rotational and linear motion. It can be used in SCARA robots, the vertical shaft of assembly equipment, and tool changers and loaders


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