COVID-19 Safety Products

Reliance stocks a range of hygiene safety products

Industrial Wipes

Big Wipes are an ideal hand hygiene solution for busy trade professionals, who spend much of their time on the move with limited access to a sink.

Big Wipes also contain a broad spectrum anti-bacterial additive, which is proven effective against 99.9% bacteria.

Big Wipes industrial strength cleaning wipes contain a blend of cosmetic grade solvents to effectively remove construction filth and grime, plus have added skin conditioners combining antibacterial properties that can offer a comprehensive level of portable protection in one convenient package. Big Wipes cleaning products are highly effective, economical and safe for use on hands, tools and all sealed surfaces.



Hand Sanitiser(alcohol based)

Alcohol based anti bacterial hand sanitiser refills and dispensers.  Contains 75% alcohol for maximum effectiveness in combating contagions.  Complies with EN1500 and NSF E3 legislation.  Dye and fragrance free, enriched with shea butter and vitamin E to prevent drying of skin.




Hand Rub (non-alcohol)

Alcohol-Free Hand Rub 1100ml refill pack. The ideal solution for hand hygiene in situations where alcohol is not permitted. Up to 2750 hand washes.  Contains BZK Benzalkonium Chloride – antimicrobial agent





Industrial Sprayer

750ml sprayer suitable for various chemicals, e. g. detergents, solvents and cleaning agents and disinfectants.

Household sprayer also available suitable for water and distilled water.



Face Masks

3D Isolation Face Mask

to EN 14683:2019 BFE NLT 98%

Surgical Masks IIR equivalent to FFP3 face masks are used by hospital staff that are on the front line of Covid-19, NHS approved Lot-1, they have a minimum of <98% efficiency, fully certificated.  4 layer protection level

Available as box of 50 pieces.



Standard Face Mask

BS EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 & GB/T32610-2016

FFP1 masks  are used by the general public, they are tested up to >95% efficiency.

Available as box of 50 pieces.




Respirator Medical Masks

BS EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 & GB/T32610-2016

Medical Masks, MSK-005 also known as KN95 equivalent to FFP2 are masks used by hospital staff, NHS approved, they have a minimum of <95% efficiency, 5 layer protection level, fully certificated.

Available as box of 20 pieces.




Face Shield Eye Protection

BS EN 166:2002




Infra-red Therometer

Fully certified. Non contact forehead thermometer.
1 second reading. Retains 32 sets of measurements




Fully certified. Non sterile, powder free, vinyl.




Eye Protection Face Goggles

EN 166:2002
Fully certified.

Gowns and Aprons

Sterile gowns
BS EN 13795:2019
Fully certified. Size large

Aprons (non sterile)
Fully certified on size