SMC Pneumatics

  • Reliance is an authorised distributor for SMC Pneumatics. SMC pneumatics is the world market leader in the manufacture of pneumatic components.  SMC pneumatic products have long life cycles and represent excellent value for money.
  • Reliance stock a range of actuators, valves, fittings, tubing and flow controls in our 3 branch locations.
  • Ex stock items can be sourced at short lead times.
  • Reliance and SMC can offer excellent technical support, free downloadable CAD tools and additional services such as customised product manufacturing & Energy saving audits.


Reliance stock SMC pneumatic actuators in our 3 branches suitable for all forms of linear, rotary, gripping and compound applications.

As a standard, SMC actuators are available from 2.5mm bore up to 300 mm bore. SMC also provide combination units and specialized product which are readily available.

Valves & Manifolds 

SMC have developed the complete range of valves to meet all requirements for modern industry.SMC Solenoid Valve
Some examples of valves stocked by Reliance include these are 2/2 VXZ suitable for air, oil and water.


Fittings, Tubing and Flow Controls

Reliance hold stock of SMC Fittings, Tubing and Flow Controls which provide every opportunity to pipe up and configure the various pneumatic components into the most sophisticated automation systems.SMC One Touch


  • SMC offer an extensive range of compact and lightweight fittings.
  • SMC One Touch range of fittings are quicker and easier to install than previous models.
  • The new KQ2 Series offers further reduced dimensions for confined spaces providing shorter widths of up to 23% and up to a 24% reduction in height, making the overall fittings 57% lighter than previous models
  • SMC specialise in miniature fittings are for use with air connections in confined areas.


TubingSMC Tubing

  • SMC tubing products range from soft tubing with high flexibility in a confined space of a panel to high rigidity tubing in a harsh environment.
  • SMC tubing is manufactured in both metric and imperial sizes to suit all applications.
  • SMC tubing is FDA approved and less expensive than standard tubing. More…..

Flow Controls

  • SMC One-touch range of Flow Controls save time and money.  Flow Controls are suited for flexibSMC Flow Controlle tubing of various materials, while ported flow controls are suitable for rigid piping.
  • To compliment this range of Flow Control, SMC also manufacture related products such as Quick Exhaust Valves, Exhaust Restrictors, Check Valves and Air Saving Valves.
  • These components are available in a wide range of materials to suit even the harshest environments, fluids and temperature ranges.
  • Reliance can also source ex stock items at short notice click here for more information on SMC Pneumatics products available from Reliance .

For more information on SMC Pneumatics click here

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