Solenoid Valves & Manifolds

SMC 3/2 valves can be both body ported and manifold based with a wide range of port sizes and flow rate. A range of 5/2 ATEX valves rated for categories 2 and 3 is also available

Model VNB for flow control permits application with a wide variety of fluids such as air, water, oil, gas and vacuum.

ISO Valves 

SMC’s VQ7-6/7-8 series valve conforms to ISO standard 5591/I.

A choice of metal or rubber seal increases compatibility with various operating and environmental conditions.

ATEX Valves
  • SMC ATEX valves are designed to operate in categories II and III environments.
Manual Valves
  • The VHS series is a safety manual switching valve for  preventing accidents that could be caused by the residual pressure while performing maintenance service on a pneumatic  system.
  • The new VHS features an increased flow rate of up to 45%, which means it can be used for larger applications.  The new VHS Series also has two material options for the handle and bonnet; PBT resin and aluminium
  • Series VH rotary hand valve’s compact design and variety of flow rates make it ideal for a wide range of applications requiring manual directional control. The slide ring design
Mechanical Valves
  • Their compact size requires little mounting space.  The VM series offers a wide variety of actuator styles and flow capacity up to 1.0 Cv.