Torque Limiters

Reliance is an authorised distributor for ComInTec who is a global leading manufacturer of torque limiter technology.

ComInTec torque limiters (safety couplings) are mechanical components necessary to fit along the kinematic chain and are preferred to electronic safety devices because of a better response time, improved reliability, excellent configuration flexibility, easy fitting and adjustment, use at high speeds in hard environments in the presence of inertias and important masses. In fact the electronic systems, which normally act up to the transmission, present: delayed reaction time, many factors as a source of error, configuration and management complexity. The fitting of the mechanical torque limiters along the kinematic chain is therefore necessary for a reliable and complete protection, in order to improve the level of safety and the machine, according to the new EN ISO 13489-1 standards, reducing the average possible broken-down and unproductive downtime.
  • Long product life with continuous reliability.
  • Optimum protection against environmental conditions.
  • Simple mounting for in-line and parallel transmission.
  • Easy setting and adjustment.
  • Highly accurate and fast machine protection.
  • Special designs to suit specific applications possible.
  • Competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.
  • “Made in Italy” with certified quality.


  • “DF”: Simple, economical and suitable for dry and dusty conditions.
  • “EDF/F”: Compact and low cost ball version available with sprocket or flange.
  • “DSS or DSR”: High stability and re-synchronising in various positions. Full range of mounting options available.
  • “DSS/SG”:  Allows immediate disconnection without any residual torque remaining.
  • “DSA”: Suitable for limiting compression and tension forces on crank mechanisms.
  • “AP”: Possibility of varying the transmission torque during operation allowing for full disengagement with free rotation.


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