Wastewater Treatment Products

Wastewater Treatment Channel Flight

Reliance can offer a wide variety of products and components specifically designed for use in wastewater treatment facilities.

Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipe Assembly

Wastewater treatment scum skimmer

The Senqcia HMAX Non-Metallic Scum Skimmer Pipes feature a tube of FRP with a gel coated interior for easy release of grease or solids, limiting build-up. Wall bearings are made of long-lasting UHMW-PE material. Lightweight, easy to install this scum pipe will eliminate all corrosion and unsightly build-up, common with carbon steel and even stainless steel pipes. Available with:

  • Lever Actuation
  • Mechanical Actuation
  • Handwheel Actuation

The Skimmer is available in a wide range of diameters and lengths.

Cast Nylon Headshaft Bearing

The Senqcia bearing features a Cast Nylon body with oil filled nylon bearing inserts. Self-aligning, split design allows for bearing replacement without removing the shaft. The metallic shaft does not come into direct contact with the bearing material as a thick sleeve of non-metallic material is mounted on the shaft ends, extending service life by providing low friction contact surfaces between shaft and bearing.

Available from 1-15/16″ bore to 4-7/16″ bore.

  • Oil Filled Nylon Bearing
  • Cast Nylon Body
  • UHMW Shaft Sleeve
  • Simple to Install
  • Zero Lubrication Required
  • Highly Wear Resistant

Wastewater Treatment Flights

Reliance offer 2 types of Senqcia Flights; standard and high strength

Senqcia Standard Flights are;

  • Interchangeable –Direct Replacement for Wood Flights, Works with Plastic and Metallic Chains
  • Max Width 20 ft – Excellent for Primary and Secondary Clarification
  • UV Resistant – Pultruded Fiberglass Flights contain UV inhibitors to avoid degradation Available in 6″ & 8″Wastewater Treatment Channel Flight

Senqcia High Strength Flights are;

  • High Strength Fiberglass Flights – For Heavier Duty Applications
  • Minimal Deflection – larger Cross Section, Structural Reinforcement for Heavier Requirements
  • Max Width 22 ft – Ideal for High Sludge Loading and Specialty Applications such as DAF surface Skimmers
  • UV Resistant – Pultruded Fiberglass Flights contain UV inhibitors to avoid degradation. Available for 8” Flights

Bibbigard Torque Limiter

Senqcia Bibbigard Torque Limiters feature Stainless Steel construction providing years of steadfast service and reliability. Replaces existing standard shear pin sprocket arrangements without any modifications.

Available either pre-set (non-adjustable) or adjustable.

Simply dial-in the torque level required and the assembly is ready for use.

  • No Shear Pins to Replace
  • Simply reset the trip assembly with tap of hammer or mallet
  • No Corrosion

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Snap Idler Tensioner

The Senqcia Snap Idler Tensioner, is the quickest and easiest drive chain tensioner to install on the market today. Simply mount the free-floating assembly around the drive chain strand and using the adjustable side plates reduce slack in the chain to the optimum location. The Snap Idler assembly does not require any anchor bolts to locate and place, and can be used with a wide variety of chain types.

  • Non-Metallic Construction
  • Wear Blocks extends life of chain
  • No Anchors to Set
  • Minimal Debris Build-up in use
  • Easy to Install – requires basic hand tools
  • Available from Stock