PTO Shaft Safety Update

Reliance wish to confirm the following label updates has been made to all our Driveline PTO stock.

1. Manufacturer name and address on each shaft.
2. An updated label placed on each shaft.
3. Manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformity placed with each shaft.

Reliance would also like to confirm all our Driveline PTO stock is now updated and fully compliant as per HSA requirements, Machinery Directives EN12965 and EN 5674.

We would like for our customers to make contact with us if you have any unsold
Driveline PTO shafts in your premises and we will arrange to come on site to update the labeling for you.

We would also like to reiterate the label issues raised in recent times in no way undermines the quality or safety of Driveline PTO shafts and do wish to re-iterate all Driveline that they are fully mechanically compliant.