Reliance appointed as authorised distributor of SMAC Moving Coil Actuators



Reliance Automation¬†is proud to add SMAC, The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Moving Coil Actuators to our range of Automation solutions.
SMAC actuators offer many unique features including complete control of position, acceleration, velocity and force for each and every movement in cycle times that are too fast to see.

SMAC offers a wide range of programmable electric actuators based on Moving Coil linear servo motors.
All SMAC actuators are fully programmable permitting the user to exert complete control over

  • Force,( up to 300N )
  • Acceleration, ( up to 50G )
  • Position,( sub micron repeatability )
  • Velocity.

Ideal for implementation in industries where SMAC’s patented ‘Soft-Land’ procedure allows the actuator to both measure and manipulate very delicate and high value components with ease.

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