Emergency gearbox build.

Reliance Dublin and Cork carry a comprehensive range of components in stock allowing for a wide variety of Geared motors to be built at short notice (Within 1 hour if required).

Reliance can also offer ATEX certified Geared Motors suitable for use in Hazardous areas

Specialised technical procurement and stocking.

Reliance will stock dedicated customer specific products in any of our 3 branch locations.  Reliance can provide our customers with on site stock audits and advise if stock efficiencies can be achieved.  We will try to work closely with sites to identify what stock is critical and should be held on site at all times.  Reliance will commit to hold stock that is deemed to be less critical

Condition monitoring.

Specialising in condition monitoring systems and services to industry, Reliance offers cost effective solutions to eliminate the risk of costly, unplanned shutdowns.

  • Vibration analysis
  • Thermography
  • Pneumatic leak testing
  • In-place balancing
  • Shaft laser alignment
  • Belt tensioning

Click here for details on the range of Condition monitoring products and services available at Reliance.

Quality Control and Testing

Lubrication, geared motor, drive and bearing failure analysis is available on request. Please ensure our ‘Request to Return Goods Form’ is downloaded and completed prior to sending any goods back to Reliance. Click here to download the form.

Co Engineeringpartnership-image

Working closely with our customers is a key component to our strong partnerships. Reliance customers benefit from the depth of technical knowledge and the hands on application experience we possess. Reliance enjoys working closely with our customers and especially when we are presented with technical problems to solve. In addition we enjoy excellent back up from all of our manufacturing partners to ensure Reliance customers are serviced reliably and efficiently.

Build to OrderEurocardan-work-bench

In addition to Gearbox build facility, Reliance can offer a build to order service in our PTO, Chains and Hydraulics ranges.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Services

Reliance has the capability to have bespoke mechanical or electrical componentry developed and manufactured to our customer specific requirements. Reliance also has the capability to arrange for the re-engineering of mechanical components.

Application specific Energy audits

Energy application specialists are available to conduct an audit on request

Technical training.

Reliance can provide training on any of our products.   Frequently requested training includes; Bearing handling, lubrication, belt tensioning, thermography, condition monitoring.

Energy Efficiency

Reliance is a leading provider of technology dedicated to reducing energy usage of manufacturing applications. Understanding the workings of mechanical applications is key for Reliance to be able to correctly advise our manufacturing partners. Before any Cap-Ex decision is made Reliance will provide an accurate data sheet showing information that will allow customers to understand what the potential payback period will be and the relating time frame. The Reliance approach of customer focused informed decision making allows for sensible on-going efficiencies to be achieved.  Reliance stocks a comprehensive range of energy efficient components.